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Author: Gagan

Real estate buying and investing has many layers of complexity.

When comparing renting versus buying, the first instinct is to "compare the total rent versus total mortgage payment." On the other hand, this is only a surface level question.

Xillion's Home Buying Guide lets you see if it makes sense for you to invest in real estate or not, which property to buy among many, or on what terms of interest rate, down payment etc.

In the images below, check out some terms that are vital to investing in real estate.

There is more to consider for these type of financial decisions:

Real Estate Considerations

Principal Payment, Interest & Tax Deduction:

Real Estate Considerations

Depreciation, Fixed Housing Cost:

Real Estate Considerations

Xillion's Home Buying Guide

Real Estate Considerations

And here's our blog where we document why we built Home Buying Guide and how you can leverage it best: Demystifying Real Estate Investing

Explore our products & blog at Xillion - Wealth Management for Everyone!.

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