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  • Xillion helps you make great financial decisions with the help of mentors recommended by our proprietary algorithm. You get access to mentors who can help you develop investing skills and strategies in dozens of different areas.

  • Money Score is generated with Xillion’s proprietary & patented algorithm. Money Score summarizes your financial skills and evaluates how effectively you manage your own money. A higher Money Score translates to better financial decisions & outcomes in future.

    "Credit score evaluates how effectively you return the borrowed money."
    "Money Score evaluates how effectively you manage your own money."

    Story of Credit Scoring & Reporting
    Financial institutions have done a tremendous job figuring out how well someone manages their debts. In creating Credit Score, the industry also did a decent job of training ordinary people on how to get better at managing their credit facilities by providing a clear method to measure their success & failure. The finance industry has done tremendous work to protect and grow its own assets on the backs of Credit Score.

    The apathy of Financial Institutions for Money Management
    Financial institutions in the US have done a tremendous disservice when it comes to protecting and growing the assets of their customers. They have failed to create a framework to evaluate how someone manages their own money. This is not a bug of the financial industry, but rather a feature. Most people don’t have the time*, and more importantly, the passion and inclination to learn more about finance. No wonder the finance industry gets to sell so many inferior products to customers.

    Current State: Wealth Creation is Quite Exclusive
    For those of us with assets less than $10 million USD, financial institutions don’t even make an effort to offer any service. Financial advising and wealth management has not seen any innovation whatsoever in the last few decades. It’s no wonder that ordinary people turn to Reddit or Twitter for financial advice. Xillion is about to change the financial advice & wealth management space by changing the economics of offering wealth management tools and advice to everyone, by everyone.

    Money ScorevsCredit Score
    We, the frustrated customersWho created it?Financial Institutions
    You, the customerWho does it benefit?Financial Institutions
    You, the customerWho controls it?Financial Institutions
    You, the customerWho owns it?Financial Institutions
    To protect and grow assets of customers like yourselfWhy was it created?To protect and grow assets of Financial Institutions
    You, the customerWho can lower it?Financial Institutions, Bad Landlords, Car Dealerships etc
    You, the customerWho can increase it?Poor you! But only if you play by the rules set by the Financial Institutions
    You & your friends/family/ mentors/neighbors/co-workersWho uses it?Financial Institutions
    How likely are you to make great money decisionsWhat does it say?How likely are you to pay back your debts to the Financial Institutions.

    • As we are currently in the beta version, our product is free to use in exchange for your feedback.
    • After a few weeks of trying it out, we will contact you with affordable pricing options.
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    We take security very seriously and have implemented a number of measures to protect your personal and financial data.

    Here are some of the security practices we follow:
    • We store your personal and financial data in encrypted storage at rest. This means that your data is scrambled so that it cannot be read by anyone without the encryption key.
    • We will never share your personal or financial data with any third party without your explicit consent. You can unlink your account from our service at any time and have your data removed.
    • We use Plaid, a leading financial data infrastructure company, to securely connect to your bank accounts. Plaid has been audited by independent security firms and has a strong track record of protecting user data.
    • Plaid supports over 12,000 banks and has already connected over 100 million user accounts. This means that we have a proven track record of successfully connecting to a wide range of financial institutions.

    You can read more about our security practices in our Privacy Policy.