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Just tell us when you want to achieve financial independence a.k.a retire. Our algorithm helps you forecast your net worth and assets. We help you plan your financial independence right at your fingertips.
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Try out a glimpse of our Financial Independence Tool. Play around and find how your money will grow in 10 years with different asset allocations.

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CashCDsReal EstateBondsS&P 500Growth StocksAngel InvestingYour Portfolio
Current Value$5,000$5,000$20,000$10,000$30,000$25,000$5,000
Value in 10 Years$5,578$6,338$30,179$17,081$85,953$101,139$30,959$0
Approximate Returns1.1%2.4%4.2%5.5%11.1%15%20%-100%
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