What’s a Money Score? (No, Not a Credit Score)
Money Score measures your chances of achieving your financial goals faster and accelerating your journey toward financial independence. Just as credit score is a measure of how well you manage the money you borrow from banks.
Add your accounts
Link your financial accounts securely in a matter of seconds for better tracking of assets and transactions.
Answer a few questions
We will ask you a few basic questions about money and how good you are in taking monetary decisions.
Get Personalised Report
Your Money Score report will be generated with the recommended outcomes that needs your atmost attention.
Track What Matters
The average millennial has 3x more assets than liabilities. Why shouldn't you care 3x more about Money Score than your Credit Score?
Money Score guides you in maximizing your profits while minimizing your losses. Whereas Credit Score only helps banks minimize their own losses and maximize their own profits.
Make More Money
With a Money Score, you will have access to recommended mentors in each one of your financial areas you want to improve on.
Manage Risk
Managing risk is essential to a successful financial plan. Money Score empowers you with the insights you need to grow your finances with optimum risk.
Save Time
Armed with a Money Score, you can make informed decisions about which assets to invest in and save hours of research.
Here’s What You Need to Know

  • No one. Your data is safe & secure with us. And we use your Money Score to improve your financial life.

  • Money Score evaluates how effectively you manage your own money. A score above 65, on a scale of 0-100 is good. And above 75 is really good.

  • Because the world needs it and will be a better place with this. 90% of wealth in the US involves assets (stocks, bonds, real estate, pensions etc) and only 10% is liabilities (home/car/student loans etc). Yet the banks make us obsess about credit score because it helps them make more profits. We created Money Score so that you can make more profits by managing your finances the best way possible.
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