Manage Your Net Worth to Attain Financial Independence

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Co-Authored and Reviewed by Gagan Sandhu, MBA - The University of Chicago Booth School of Business, CEO of Xillion
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Net Worth is the best way to measure your financial health.

What is Net Worth?

Net Worth measures your overall wealth, taking into account assets as well as liabilities.

Net Worth is the value of everything you own and goes beyond the amount of money you have in your savings account. For example, money in your bank account, the value of your home, your stock investments, your car, and even your debts can all collectively impact your net worth.

Liabilities and Assets Defined by T-chart:

Assets - Liabilities = Net Worth

Assets Liabilities
Real Estate Mortgage
Cars Car Loans
Cash Student loans
Stocks Margin Loans
Retirement Funds Personal Loans
Inheritance Money Owed to Friends/Family
College 529 Plans Kids College Fees

Why is Knowing Your Net Worth Important?

By understanding what your net worth is, you can get ahead on managing your financial life. There isn’t one number that can determine your financial health in an instant, rather you should organize and track your progress, seeking to improve your net worth over time.

Manage Your Net Worth on Xillion

Xillion helps you keep track of your net worth and your financial goals at all stages of your life. We also help you see how your net worth will change in the future based on your earning, saving and spending.

With guidance from our trusted mentors about savings, investing, risk, etc., we make it really easy for you to make reasonable decisions when investing in stocks/real estate, retirement planning, or paying off debt etc. All of these contribute to your net worth, and we make sure they are taken into account.

Xillion guides you through the process of learning about net worth and financial planning while also applying these learnings to create your personalized journey toward financial independence.

Explore our products & articles at to take control of your finances quickly. Together we can increase your net worth & optimize your debts with 1-1 mentoring from experts.

Xillion - Wealth Management for Everyone!


"First State Community Bank - Financial Planning:" Understanding Net Worth What Is It Really

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