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Co-Authored and Reviewed by Gagan Sandhu, MBA - The University of Chicago Booth School of Business, CEO of Xillion
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Author: Gagan

Using Xillion’s newly launching “Financial Independence Tool” (FIT), you can organize your financial independence journey right at your fingertips and become financially fit.

Xillion was founded to make it easy for you to make all financial decisions. By using the tools we have built, you can get to financial independence in 10 years by spending no more than 10 minutes in a week to make the financial decisions.

With our upcoming Financial Independence Tool (FIT), you can track your personal goals to get a sense of your journey towards financial independence.

Your FIT

The exceptionally customizable FIT breaks down your financial journey by projected net worth over time. With simple inputs such as your annual income, savings rate, etc., our algorithm generates a path that depicts each one of your goals along this journey. You can also see which goals are on track and which ones need more attention.

Keep Track of Everything

Here’s how it works. Quite frankly, it’s really embarrassing for me to tell you how it works because it’s really really simple and it just works! Here’s a quick snapshot of how you can set goals for buying a house and buying a car. And our platform does the magic of keeping track of these goals as well as your overall financial independence goal.

Financial Independence Tool (FIT)

Financial Independence Tool (FIT)

On the desired section, you can drag to adjust between the asset mixes.

Financial Independence Tool (FIT)

Okay, just a little more detail, if you insist. As you hover over the goals, you can clearly see if you’re on track or not for that goal. And if a goal is going off-track, you can tap one of the mentors on Xillion to discuss how to get things back on track. With specific guidance and targeted knowledge, adjustments can be made to quickly get you back on track without having to spend days and weeks reading articles/books/blogs, listening to podcasts and more.

And Get Help Exactly When You Need It

The beauty of this tool is that it will evolve along with your financial life. With every financial milestone that you plan or achieve in your life, Xillion’s Financial Independence Tool will automagically update your journey. And if you have questions about how to balance your goals or assets, Xillion’s specialized mentors will help you navigate with confidence.

"Financial Independence Tool" (FIT) will help you visualize your own journey by managing short and long term goals. And keep you financially FIT. Try one month free at Xillion!

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