Opportunity To Invest In Growth Stocks

growth stocks
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Author: Gagan

US growth stocks, especially tech stocks, have taken a huge beating over the last six months.

Vanguard’s Growth index ETF VTWG is down around 40% from its peak in November-2021 whereas individual high growth companies such as Square, Toast, Affirm, Shopify, Upstart etc are down 60% or more.

This has presented a historic opportunity to invest in US growth companies for the long term. If you are not sure which companies to invest in individually, you can buy Russell 2000 index funds (Vanguard VTWG, iShares IWO), or Ark Investments’ ARKK ETF to buy a basket of stocks that are more likely than not to do well in the long run.

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Disclosure: I am invested in all the individual companies listed in this post except Shopify but not in the ETFs.

🤩 Testimonials:

👤 Todd Feldman - Professor of Finance says

➡️ A growth technology tidal wave is about to over take us. This is choppy waters right now but wow valuations for some are beyond nonsense. Listen to Gagan. He is good.

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