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Become a Mentor

Become a Mentor
You have alpha and you know it! And have the documentation to prove it. Xillion lets you put your Alpha to great use by letting you mentor others on the platform. Your decisions drive their decisions and you win and they win.

If you answer yes to these questions, we have investors waiting to follow your lead:

  • Beat market (SPX) over the last ten years (at least five). It’s been a bull market, but alpha is alpha.
  • Have sound knowledge of your own strengths and weaknesses, especially in the financial part of life.
  • Found a niche (industry, geography, trend, innovation) that you are uniquely positioned to benefit from.
  • Build mental models about how the economy works, and you update these mental models constantly.
  • Have done well for yourself, but do not want the hassle of building an audience, subscriptions, etc.
  • Love doing what you do. That is, the process, the brainpower, the learnings and the rigor involved.
The Platform
Xillion brings you customers that will follow your suggestions on financial & wealth decisions. You will mentor them in financial decision making. As a financial mentor, you will not just help the customers invest and manage their finances & wealth really well, you’ll also share knowledge & expertise with them to help them make the best decisions to grow or maintain their wealth & financial wellbeing.
How Does It Work
Xillion’s AI-assisted matching algorithm will present mentors to customers on the Xillion platform where they will pick one or more mentors (up to 5 maximum) that match their own trust, risk & reward expectations. One mentor can have thousands of customers following them until the total money followed reaches $100 million for small-cap focused and $1 billion for large-cap focused mentors.
Xillion Pledge
To align our own success with the success of customers & mentors on the Xillion platform, we’ll let Xillion customers & mentors invest in the company as angel investors in all rounds of fundraising. Stay tuned!
Next Steps
Signup for Xillion, upload all the paperwork, connect all your accounts, and watch the magic happen when other people start trusting your investing acumen and grow their wealth by following your lead.
Send us all your questions & investor docs at info[at] . We will set you up in a few days on the platform so you can spread the (alpha) goodness around.